Residential Services

    Here at Schuler's Furniture Services, we can do everything that  has to do with furniture, except sell. Here are just some of the things  that we can do. If you don't see what you are looking for, contact us.  We would be happy to help you with all your furniture needs. 

On-Site Services


Some small repairs and services can be done at your place.

Small wood touch ups

Assemble and set up new furniture

File cabinet repairs (new keys cut on site, repair or replace locking bars, re-key and replace lock core)

Task Chair repairs (install new casters, cylinders, arms, and mechanisms)

Blind stitch to repair small tears in fabric

Refinishing Services

All  of our wood refinish and repairs are done in our shop and not sent out.  We have a flow over strip tank and industrial spray both to ensure the  best refinishing. Every complete refinishing job goes though numerous  steps to ensure the best quality; first we strip every piece,  then chemical neutralize the wood, next use oxalic acid (wood bleach) to  ensure the cleanest most uniform color. Then we re-glue and add corner  blocks, when needed, to make sure your piece is stable. We fill all  large chips and replace any missing veneer. We make replacement parts,  if needed. We sand the wood smooth then stain the furniture. Next, we  apply sanding sealer in our industrial spray booth. Then again hand sand  the piece, add toner to match the color of the customer's choosing or  we match to an existing piece. We add at least 2 more coats of sanding  sealer and at least 2 coats of top coat to achieve the customers desired  sheen, sanding in-between every coat. There is not a piece of wood  furniture we have come across that we have not been able to refinish. 

Executive Desks


Decorative Wood Paneling Staircases

Kitchen Tables

Side Tables

Dining Room Tables

Dining Room Chairs 

Entrainment Centers

Interior and Exterior Doors 

Upholstery Services

Anything  you have that needs to be upholstered or reupholstered, we can handle.   With every piece, we first remove all old materials.  Then, we check  all joints and strengthen, where needed . If new foam is needed, we add  new foam and down.  Once all of the under-carriage is repaired, we then  start putting it back together with fabric of the customer's choosing.  When the fabric has a pattern, we make sure all patterns match (from  back to seat to skirt).

Custom sofas and love seats

Executive Chairs


Side chairs

Bar stools

Sofas and love seats


Custom pillows

Repair Services

With  almost 30 years in business and our employees having over 100 years  experience in the furniture rehab industry, there is nothing we cannot  repair. From a simple broken leg on a chair, to a steno chair not  working, or recliner not reclining properly.  Just contact us with any  questions you have and we would be glad to help you.

Dining room chairs: re-glue

Recliners: mechanisms repaired or replaced

Sleeper sofas: mechanisms repaired or replaced

Sofas, love seats, and chairs: repair under-carriage springs or replace broken boards